LaTeX: Bibliography problem on Overleaf


Every time I start a new project on Overleaf and need to move the references file (.bib), I always have a similar problem where the “.bib” file cannot be detected. I have tried to compile in the following manner:

pdflatex "file.tex" >> pdflatex "file.bib" >> pdflatex "file.tex" >> pdflatex "file.tex"


latex "file.tex" >> latex "file.bib" >> latex "file.tex" >> latex "file.tex"

but the problem still exists.


The solution turns out to be simple: just clear the cache. That’s all. I follow an instruction provided on the following link:

  1. Select “Logs and output files”

2. Select “Clear cached files”

Then, try to compile the “.tex” file again.

I believe there must be other ways to address this issue, but at the moment it seems that I will rely more on this method.




Pengagum aksara. Pelukis dengan cahaya. □ 🏡 □ 📷 .🐤.📒: @arifpras

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Arif P. Sulistiono

Arif P. Sulistiono

Pengagum aksara. Pelukis dengan cahaya. □ 🏡 □ 📷 .🐤.📒: @arifpras

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